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Welcome to Cauze Marketing. Our aim is to help market your brand, services or products plus increase your leads and sales.

Using our skills and state of the art tools we will not only drive targeted visitors to your website who are interested in what you offer but analyse what people are doing when they arrive at your site.

Most agencies will help you increase your conversion rate from maybe 2% to 10% if you're lucky; we go one step further and also convert a percentage of the other 90% of targeted visitors who leave your site without making any contact with you at all.

Contact us to find out how we do it or scroll down the page to read more about our service.

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Inbound Marketing Strategy

Before we fly forward it is important that a solid inbound marketing strategy is formed at the very beginning.

Building Brand Awareness

Writing quality compelling content then posting it on your own blog and third party high profile industry websites.

Driving Targeted Traffic

Using a combination of social media, blogging, organic rankings and pay per click we drive targeted traffic.

Convert Visitors Into Leads

We help you convert as many targeted visitors into leads and sales by suggesting strong call to action changes.

Analysing What is Working

Using various tools we analyse your complete marketing campaign to see what is working and what is not.

Increasing The Conversion Rate

Using the analytical data, we tweak your campaign to increase your brand awareness, visitors and conversion rate.

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    Why You Should Use an Inbound Marketing Agency

    Over recent years the way that we market websites has been changing and even more so over the last few months. Gone are the days when Search Engine Optimisation alone was the best way to build your online presence, now SEO has become a part of the complete online marketing strategy.

    What is inbound marketing?

    The way people are using the internet is changing, the way search engines find websites has been adapted and social media is bigger than ever - which is why now taking steps like adding keywords to your website and building back links is not enough.

    Inbound marketing looks at your needs as a whole. No longer is just SEO and article marketing enough - if you want to have a successful presence online then you need to change the way you work to make this happen.

    You still need to think about high quality content and keywords, but now you need to think about fresh content, social media, blogging and so much more. Inbound marketing is taking care of the whole package, so that your website branding is as successful as possible online.

    Of course it goes without saying; inbound marketing is about driving traffic to your website. At the end of the day, whatever type of online presence you have, however good your website is - if people are not finding you online then they simply cannot buy from you! However, inbound marketing also looks at what your customers do when they are on your website - and how you can make sure that you turn as many visitors to your website into sales.

    Using an inbound marketing agency

    No one expects you to be an expert when it comes to inbound marketing, it is something that takes many years to perfect your skills in this area - and that is without the fact that inbound marketing is constantly changing!

    It stands to reason that you'll want to ensure that your website has the best possible chance of success - and this means investing time into making it happen. As someone running a business do you honestly have hours to dedicate to researching marketing and implementing the tactics you have learnt? The chances are that you don't!

    By using an inbound marketing agency you get to concentrate on running your business, while experienced and skilled marketers work on building your brand name and increasing your online presence. By tapping into the experience of an inbound marketing agency, you can feel confident that any methods used are going to be right for you and your company.

    Why use Cauze Marketing?

    Here at Cauze Marketing we pride ourselves on taking care of all of your marketing needs, which means you can sit back and not have to worry. Our years of experience mean we have been able to grow with the ever changing world of internet marketing and ensure that we're at the forefront of any changes that have been made. This allows us to stay ahead of our competition and therefore, you to stay ahead of yours.

    A big part of our inbound marketing strategy is to make sure that you're doing everything you can to drive traffic to your website. We'll look at the content you're using currently and whether this needs to be tweaked to get the attention of search engines. We'll also look at tactics such as content marketing, social media, pay per click, organic rankings and conversions. Can you honestly say this is something you could do on your own? Our skills and expertise allow us to tackle this from all angles and make sure it's as effective as possible for.

    We recognise that in order to be successful, the marketing of your website needs to be approached from all angles.

    Things we can help with include:

    - Setting up a blog
    - Writing unique content for your blog
    - Monitoring the lifecycle of your customers
    - Turning hits to your website into sales
    - Writing unique, high quality content for your website
    - Social media marketing
    - Online advertising methods just as PPC, Google Adwords and BingAds
    - Newsletters, emails and keeping in touch with your customers effectively

    We recognise that inbound marketing isn't a one size fits all approach, which is what helps us stand out from the competition. We'll sit down with you and talk about your needs, to make sure that everything carried out is exactly what is needed to market your website effectively.

    All of this is just a small snap shot into the world of inbound marketing agencies and what we can do for you. If you have any questions about increasing your online presence or marketing your website then please don’t hesitate to get in touch - we're always happy to answer any questions or queries you may have.

    Call us on: 01253 782 328
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